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CBRE Group, Inc. is an American commercial real estate services and investment firm. The abbreviation CBRE stands for Coldwell Banker Richard Ellis. It is the largest commercial real estate services company in the world.The firm is ranked 128th on the Fortune 500 and has been included in the Fortune 500 every year since 2008. CBRE serves more than 90 of the top 100 companies on the Fortune 100.

One of the customers of CBRE Group reported, "It is a nightmare for my purchased a off-plan apartment from CBRE, when settled I found the apartment is a big mess: all floors and balcony gritty and dirty. carpet covered in gyprock from repair and ceiling repair remains unpainted. Kitchen Bench – contains rubbish, paper and partially empty drink containers. When I reported this to them, they promised to urgently fix this. But several days passed and no action is taken at all. This is not acceptable!!"


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Former Employee - Manager says

"Lack of training and management is very weak!!"

Former Employee - Real Estate Manager says

"Poor upper management that doesn't care about employees"

Current Employee - Project Coordinator says

"The work that’s bid on is drudgery. Management who bids on the work don’t understand what it takes to get the job done so tasks are underbid and we are always understaffed but the workers are directed to brainstorm ways for us to get more done. Management has little to no leadership experience/skills and create chaos with their lack of organization and inability to provide direction because they don’t know how to do the job themselves. Pay is low compared to same job titles in the region. The office environment is oppressive and we’re micromanaged and treated like children. Job descriptions are generic so management can assign you any task they want, regardless of your job title. Leadership is exploitive and readily accepts accolades for the accomplishments of others."

Former Employee - Financial Analyst says

"I don’t quite know where to begin. Let’s just say the Affordable Housing (LIHTC) group is the most dysfunctional group of people you will ever encounter in your life. I’m sure the rest of CBRE corporation is fine but this group that got acquired by CBRE a few years back has its own toxic culture that in any normal company would have been reported as illegal. - toxic, gossipy, immature coworkers: I have never worked at a place that feels more like middle school than actual middle school such as this group. People have nothing better to do so rather they talk about each other and spread rumors behind people’s back. The most soul-sucking place ever because even if you don’t want drama, drama just comes to you. This stems from the fact that there is no diversity in this group. They hire a bunch of frat boys and former college athletes with the most close-minded minds and like to act superior who, chances are, were bullies back in the day and never grew up from that. Then there’s also the underdog that try way too hard to fit in and are willing to feed into the gossip so they can feel included. Literally a bunch of followers. - everyone is overworked and underpaid without knowing that they are. When they first give you the job offer, they’d lowball you as much as possible and quote “you won’t add any value in the first year.” As soon as you start, they hold you to impossible standards and start making you feel like you underperform, pressuring you to ramp up at a pace that’s not what you expected. This way they can keep you at the same level forever and not have to promote you. This stems from bad hiring methods. During the hiring process, they don’t have clear processes to identify good candidates because they completely hire people based on stereotypes and bias. - absolutely no advancement: there will be a ceiling and not just in terms of titles, but also in terms of learning and growth. As an analyst, you practically do the same thing you do 10 years later no matter what your title is now. Your peers elsewhere already make managers and have direct reports. You still are, not to be harsh, an analyst no matter what they call you. - the work is absolutely irrelevant: do not be fooled by the title “financial analyst”. These guys and girls aren’t doing traditional corporate finance or fp&a or anything like that. It’s purely LIHTC underwriting which is the most niche area even within the real estate world. Folks who work there for too long get stuck aka “pigeonholed” and can’t find jobs elsewhere. Even if you get out early, it’s still hard to find another job having background in this random field. Avoid at all costs if you care about your career potential. - this is the type of place that attracts lawsuits because of however many workplace rules it breaks everyday (sexual harassment, hostile environment, racial discrimination, etc.). If you are a normal human being, please do not involve yourself here. This place is hidden by the CBRE name so you won’t ever see reviews about it unless you dig up reviews from before it was acquired (read reviews for “tax credit group of marcus and milichap”). Do yourself a favor, save yourself time and mental energy by not even considering to work here. CBRE itself even hired management consultants to help try salvage the culture and morale of this group but don’t bother. If they want the culture to change, they might as well fire all the people that are working there right now."

Former Employee - Building Maintenance says

"Non disclosure of length of employment."

Former Employee - Building Engineer says

"Company seemed to favor and promote former military personnel over hard working--educated civilians. They seem to also allow military personal who are grandfathered licensees compared to civilians who studied and tested for theirs."


"Constant turnover (for a good reason) No vision for the org Very reactive being proactive is frowned upon Change is all authority based"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I can only speak from my experience on the marketing team but this was hands down the worst job I've ever had. I knew I made the wrong decision to join during my first few days in the office. No one could answer any of the simple questions I had about how our printers worked or where anything was stored. I was completely fooled during the interview process. The leaders of the marketing team promised multiple things that never came to fruition during the interview. The team structure was completely unorganized, the process of the workflow was repetitive/unnecessary, and worst of all my manager had no experience in the specialty she was managing. 10/10 would NOT recommend working here if you have any real interest in furthering your career in marketing."

Former Employee - Executive says

"Sad demonstration of the worst a workplace can offer"

Former Employee - Senior Real Estate Manager says

"Expensive benefits, horrible management, absentee supervisor."

Financial Accounts Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"This is by far the worst place I have ever had worked for. Management was a young girl fresh out of college and had no idea how to work with anyone. She hated people and was annoyed anytime she had to teach you anything or help in anyway. She especially showed favoritism to white employees and berated brown skinned employees (I am white btw) she is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Nobody liked her. Not even the other managers NoneOver worked, underpaid, clickish management"

Project Manager (Current Employee) says

"CBRE it's a money-making driven company where they don't care at all about their employees. I've been working for two years in CBRE, after working 15 years on big multinational companies and I can tell that CBRE is the worst company I've ever worked for. Management in CBRE is poor and they are not concerned about their employees. HR is practically non-existent and they are only there to find ways to not increase your salary or not to help you with your career progression. I never saw so many people unsatisfied, hating to work for a company, like the people in CBRE. Everybody around you is depressed, burned out, lacking on energy, and just hating their job. Don't work in CBRE, it's a bully company with horrible leadership and non-existent HR.A salary to pay billsEverything"

No work experience (Former Employee) says

"Managers loves kiss butt people only and favor them even though some people don't know how to do their job. If you can kiss butt then you'll get far since that's what they look forBenefitsEverything else is horrible"

Service Technician (Current Employee) says

"I have never been apart of a more unethical company in my 30 years of working. CBRE which bought Facility Source, is nothing more than a pit stop with a dishonest company. If you are looking for an honest rewarding career, keep searching....GT"

TSM (Former Employee) says

"Typical FM company. Treats all contracts the same. Will do what is required to meet KPIs etc as long as it doesn't cost anything. All employees expendable.NoneA lot"

Maintenance Region Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Terrible company to work for CBRE does not care about there employees at all and treats them horribly. CBRE only cares about themselves and only themselves. They treat people like garbage."

HVAC Technician (Former Employee) says

"Trupanion pet insurance offers better health plan than Cbre.Cbre Only cares about its shareholders not people lives.the maritimers ruined what was a great place to work."

Facility Manager (Former Employee) says

"assunto come ingegnere, utilizzato come manovale edile"

Senior Project Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Job is not secure at CBRE. salary is very less Expenses also having problem Management is not supportive CBRE won't take any engineers directly to the company. They will assign the job in third party"

Cleaner (Former Employee) says

"Worked at Broughton for 5 weeks. No organisation or structure. Got finished last week only by word of mouth. Management have no decency to tell you. Still got a pass for the site and no one has asked for it back or to my knowledge made the pass void so security issue that could be. No exit interview. Shocking company get rid of your management here copulent even manage them selves."

Func. Beheerder (Former Employee) says

"Het is een zeer onpersoonlijke, niks menselijke sfeer iedereen is voor zichzelf bezig"

Commercial Real Estate Investment Broker (Former Employee) says

"CBRE is a bully system, a bunch of good ol boys, they take very unfair commission splits and are a bunch of snobs. The environment is hostile and uncaring."

Facility Operation Supervisor on the Variable Tech Account-Remote (Current Employee) says

"CBRE emphasize safety before work, CBRE emphasize using the proper PPE for the work you are doing at all time. that is a good culture for the employees"

H&S Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Work life balance isn’t good. They expect you to work all hours known to man but don’t give anything back in return. They also will quite happily not pay you properly. They have all the policies in place to make them appear to be a good employer but these are not practiced. Staff feel bullied and pressured by managers at the detriment to their health.It’s a jobHostile work environment"

Contract Support Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Was taken on as night staff and training was none at all. The only thing we got taught on the job was how to rave as that's all the supervisor did just jumping around to rave music all night. There was no training wotsoever. The top manager just bragged about people he had sacked and just talked about himself. After 8 weeks we were told basically were the door was. I am shocked as I have never been treated as badly by a company in all my working life"

Industrial Cleaner (Former Employee) says

"Disgraceful company with no moral!!. Horrible place to work. Avoid like the plague. I actually do not know where to start writing this review. Worked 4 days a week doing 12 hours shifts which was okay with 4 days off (The only perk of the job) Payroll clerk was about useful as an umbrella in a hot country. Paid late multiple times over 9 months I was employed there. Even had the audacity to charge me on admin fee for my wages. Had to wait for a week for my wages because the incompetence of the pay roll clerk. Management is an absolute disgrace , walking around with their clipboards.So unprofessional as well. After 12 weeks employment, I was suppose to paid a "shift allowance" for working shifts. I fought for 4 months to get the money I was rightly owed through help of ACAS. THIS COMPANY IS AN UTTER SHAMBLES. GOOD RIDDANCE."

Payroll (Former Employee) says

"Compensation is not competitive unless you’re an executive/director or real estate broker. Healthcare is too expensive. Employee out of pocket is ridiculous, you can’t afford to get ill. Job promotions are bias, they’re based on who you know."

Researcher (Current Employee) says

"Large company that suffers from lack of structural hierarchy and poor management system. Difficult to move ahead in career unless in a major market. Little to no growth or support/pay increase opportunities."

Consultor (Former Employee) says

"No se como será trabajar en esta empresa en otras ciudades, dicen que Madrid, Barcelona o Valencia bastante guay, que hay muy buen ambiente. Yo estuve en Zaragoza. Los compañeros de 10, pero el trato del director hacia todos nosotros, realmente denunciable. Por mucho menos en otras empresas se ha denunciado o empleados se han cogido la baja por depresión. ni se os ocurra entrar en esta oficina a no ser que os guste que os insulten y menosprecien durante 8 horas al día y luego por teléfono móvil. El trabajo al fin y al cabo es como el de una API, si te gusta el mercado inmobiliario está guay la verdad.CompañerosMuchos, pero el primero, el trato recibido."

Commercial Real Estate Marketing / Graphics Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Do your research on departments before you accept an offer. Micro management at its finest and lack of respect for workers across the board. Little to no job security.NoneListed in detail."

Fed Up! says

"The first account i worked on was fantastic. Sr. Leaders supported the field staff. 2nd account i am now on is a Farce! CBRE account leaders dont support us, they only suck up to the client. Reminder CBRE leaders, we hired to support the client, we DONT work for them. Tell the client managers to stop trying to Micro-manage us. On this account we have to practically beg the client to give us money for repairs of their equipment. One final note: Increase salaries based on Cost of living, stop letting the client dictate our yearly increases."

Sian Richardson says

"As the freeholder of our property, it is down to them to get an ESW1 form (cladding stafey report) for the building. Without this form we are unaware if our homes are safe and we cannot sell our flat as mortgage lenders require this form. The safety inspection was carried out in July, since then we have had no update and nobody will tell us when we will be receiving the ESW1 form. Robin Aires has not responded to residents emails since October."

Andrew Hodgetts says

"Absolutely terrible Company. Have been trying to arrange a viewing for a small commercial retail shop in Pershore for over two weeks now. Myself and wife have sent x5 emails and left in excess of x6 telephone messages specifically to a Andrew Jackson (whom I respectively suggest should change career). I have even spent £23 to obtain a land registry search and found the owners to be TSB Bank. We are a local company and didn’t require any form of finance to purchase.
We have yesterday agreed the purchase of another property in Evesham.
I suggest that if you are looking to sell a property - look elsewhere for an agent because CBRE and Andrew Jackson are about as much use as a Chocolate Teapot.
Andrew Hodgetts
Mobile Solutions"

Raymond Ho says

"once valuation report is done, no proper communication and explanation with client if client disagrees. The valuer is impatient and want to hang up the call. Will never use again."

chandini bharwani says

"Awful, disgusting terrible. History of unfair charges if you do you research online. Anytime anyone brings these guys in to manage a block service fees start skyrocketing “according to government regulations” and “for our health and safety” all sorts of illogical nonsensical charges that no sane individual would believe are real. A 140 per increase in service fees after they were employed. Charges for fresh flower deliveries and upkeep , when we only artificial ones that require no maintence. 20k discrepencies in utility bills from year to year with no receipts that even British Gas think make no sense. And they will stall To provide an explanation. The most extortionate, unfair, ridiculous charges. £1350 for a communal Christmas tree. Anything that anyone would charge for they want double, triple, quadruple. Outrageous. I don’t understand why this company allowed to operate. Don’t walk, if they are anywhere in the picture - RUN."

Andre Barnard says

"worst company to deal with"

Spencer R. says

"They: Do not respond to emails. Do not answer the phone. Do not call back. Do not reply to enquiries and they advertise properties that we not available."

Qasim says

"This company is the worse u can ever come across. Never try getting properties of these lot. They are too busy relaxing at home and getting back to u when they want. Most unprofessionals I’ve ever met. I had to chase these guys for weeks to get a property and I still didn’t get it. They don’t like working. I will never recommend this company. Nick maccarthy the worse agent ever. This will be on social media very soon what cbre is and how bad they are at their work. Shame on this company and their associates. Reply when they want and get back to u if they want and when they want. Stop using cbre. Such nasty rude agents"

John S Greasy says

"I saw a video of a little man in a CBRE maintenance van pull up to another van ( their competition ? ) and cut the tires. This happened 11 am aug 6 2020 in the parking lot by shorties BBQ sw 40 st and 114 FL. The video shows the big CBRE van driving around the lot for over an hour before making the strike and fleeing west on bird rd."

Shona M says

"London - Canary Wharf branch.
Where to start? In the year we were in the property, we had five different property managers. Only one actually replied or get anything done and she seemed to be suddenly sacked. They take days to reply to emails. When I emailed twice in one day I was told, very rudely that they have other properties to manage too. (I'd love to know if any of those tenants ever got any replies)
When we moved in, the wardrobe in one of the rooms was broken and it took weeks to get a new one. The blinds in one room were broken so some new ones were the wrong room in place of perfectly working blinds (we weren't in at the time) then we were told they wouldn't come and fix the actual broken ones. The property manager was so rude that I just stopped responding. The staff turnover is outrageous and no one seems to have a clue what's going on. We had the person doing viewings when we moved out call to ask why there was no mattress in one room - i had my own and CBRE arranged for the other one to be removed, along with some other things at the start of our tenancy. No one knew if all this stuff had been put into storage or just thrown out. We're now onto week three after the tenancy ended and haven't had our deposit back. We have emailed every day but are just told CBRE can't contact the landlord, if we get a reply at all. I would honestly think twice about renting a flat that they manage. We loved our flat but it was not at all worth the hassle of dealing with this absolute joke of a company. If anyone has any legal advice for us on getting the deposit back, please comment!"

Юлия Яковлева says

"Shame on you ! In 2020 companies must be client-oriented! But you are not. Customer support is awful, they don’t care about residents at all! Shame ! I will never recommend to choose CBRE apartments."

Diane McKenzie says

"I put a complaint in to Toby Smith CBRE Manager at Manchester Branch about Kirsten MacAurther from Bark Street in Bolton watching the staff on CCTV from home and I was sacked yet she has been accused of this many times before and and every time someone complains they get sacked. I think it is disgusting how the firm can accept this."

RB says

"Mr Caplan was not only unhelpful and unprofessional.
https:// www . linkedin . com / in / caplanadam /
He also showed condescending comments to my enquiry."

Mrs P says

"Avoid if possible. Found them to be unethical. They do not stick to their verbal or written agreements."

Vforvendetta says

"1 person to avoid is Sophie McCentaggart.
Does not know how to manage her work or prioritise.
Constantly in meetings when there's urgent work.
Sleeps with contractors
Sleeps with clients,
Relies on other staff
Helpdesk don't like her,
She's lost a lot of contracts.
She is a bad apple for cbre.
TJX don't like her"

Rhonda says

"Very untrustworthy. I would not recommend them. Our experience started with CBRE making us use their “designer”. She is terrible. She messed up so many things we asked for. Then CBRE added on additional costs to fix her mistakes. They made us use their vendors and contractors that charged double and triple. They did not not look out for our interests and did not deliver the product we asked for. When I asked for invoices and receipts they refused to provide them. I am still waiting on proof of the costs they charged us for. It feels very shady."

Sarah MacDonald says

"Held my deposit for 5 weeks after tenancy has ended - even though the law states maximum of 10 days - using the time-old excuse of 'the landlord needs to sign it off'. Then after all this time, there was a claim for marks on the walls that needed painted and deducted £300 for this!"

Kim Ivana Guzman says

"The agent Kit Liew is rude and condescending. He only talks to the people he wants to talk to and disrespects others. He even tries to ignore people that are not included in the title of the purchase even when they are with the buyer.

If he wants long term clients, he should change his attitude."

Mourad says

"BAD SERVICE. If you have been recently relocated to the UK...don't deal with this agent..."

Xue Qin Yu says

"It is a nightmare for my purchased a off-plan apartment from CBRE, when settled I found the apartment is a big mess: all floors and balcony gritty and dirty. carpet covered in gyprock from repair and ceiling repair remains unpainted. Kitchen Bench – contains rubbish, paper and partially empty drink containers.

When I reported this to them, they promised to urgently fix this. But several days passed and no action is taken at all. This is not acceptable!! I strongly recommend that always best to do a final inspection before settlement to avoid these problem, especially in Sydney, Australia."

Inzy Chajju says

"Worst experience. Sold to us on cooling off period and refusing to refund deposit. DO NOT TRUST CBRE RESIDENTIAL. go elsewhere."

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